Fortnite UNBLOCKED Battle Royale - The Best Survivor Game

MOBA hit the gamers hard, and all of them switch to play MOBA games several years ago. Many of the players still play DOTA 2 and LOL, but in the last couple of years, a new genre is growing. More and more gamers are switching to play addictive survivor games. There are many new surviving games, some of them are the same, and some of them are entirely different. But there is no game such as Fortnite Battle Royale.

Fortnite Battle Royale Better than PUBG PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG) was first survivor game where players were dropped on an island and needed to survive. There can be only one, the last man standing. PUBG is still popular and the most played game over on the Steam, but that is just because Fortnite Battle Royale is not on the Steam. Fortnite Battle Royale is several times more popular than PUBG, the proof of that is Twitch.tv. On Twitch the game has a vast audience, and it is number one game by streamers and by watchers for a long time now. And it will stay that for following months maybe even years. Where others fail, Fortnite leads.

Why is Fortnite so Good Survivor Game Cartoon Style The game is made in a funny cartoon style, and this was a massive gamble by the developers from Epic Games, because if the cartoon graphics were not in, the game would fail. But instead, the cartoon graphics is what makes this game stand out from the rest games. All other genres are trying to be as realistic as possible, and all of them play on that card. But in reality, games can never be realistic. PUBG is using real-life buildings, weapons and you are fighting against real people. In Fortnite, the buildings are funny, like from cartoon, weapons have weird design and sometimes they are even bigger than the character itself. And you are not fighting other people, you are fighting cartoon characters that are custom designed by each player.

Fighting Fighting in Fortnite Battle Royale is fast, and if you watch some of the YouTube videos, you would think that it is extremely hard to play this game. But the game is very simple, you can use several weapons and switch among them. The best tactic so far is to start the game with slow weapons like a sniper rifle or RPG (rocket launcher). After that, you should switch to some fast weapons like a shotgun or assault rifle. Other survivor games are playing on a realistic card, and you need to hide, aim and try to kill your opponent with precise shooting. In Fortnite that is not the case because you have several weapons on disposal as well as many bullets, so the best tactic is to throw all, you have on the enemy. After you kill the enemy, you can loot them and prepare for a new fight.

Building Other survivor games do not have a building component. And to tell you the truth the building component of Fortnite is what makes this game a highly strategical game where only the best can win. To be able to build walls, stairs or another type of buildings you need to collect resources, bricks, wood and steel. You need to have resources to be able to build stuff. If someone is shooting at you, you can simply make a wall and think of the best strategy to fight back. You can use stairs to climb other buildings or to get across the water. With buildings, there is a depth in the Fortnite than no other game in this genre have, and that is one of the best advantages of the Fortnite and the probably main reason why people love this game.

Destroying Everything that is built can be destroyed. Everything above the ground can be destroyed and collected as resources. Get your hammer and destroy buildings, trees, cars and all the other structures in the game. Each of the structure will give you a specific resource. For example, trees will give you wood, cars will give you steel and buildings will give you bricks. In fights, you can use RPGs to destroy enemy structures and kill them easy when they don't have cover.

Similarities with PUBG Many people say that Fortnite is a game like PUBG only faster. But if you read the above text, then you know that that is not true. Fortnite is a completely new game with totally different graphics and gameplay. But there are also many similarities. Both games have a circle, and if you stay outside the circle, you take damage. In the PUBG that damage is significant, and if you stay too long outside the circle, you will die. In Fortnite that is not the case because the map is smaller than in PUBG and the damage done by the outside circle zone is not that drastic.

Same rules of gameplay apply to both games, 100 people are dropped on the island, and the only one can survive. The goal is to be the last man standing, you can wait for other players to get eliminated or you can help them get eliminated, the first one will not work so great in Fortnite like it sometimes working in PUBG. Fortnite is a funny game, and you can see that from the start of the battle royale, you are dropping from the school bus and not from a military plane like it is a case in the PUBG.

Verdict Fortnite Battle Royale has much to offer to the gamers, it has many dimension s of the play. It is an ultimate survivor game that requires reflexes, coordination, and strategical thinking. We can call the Fortnite Battle Royale a PUBG on steroids. And if you add to that that this game is completely free to play you have a winner. Without a doubt, Fortnite Battle Royale will take many game-winning rewards this year and the following years. The game can be played on PC, iOS, mobile phones, and Mac.